David and Alan Hildebrand are brothers and co-owners, along with their wives, of Hildebrand Farms, Inc. They have lived and worked on the farm since they were big enough to carry a bucket and are responsible for what the dairy is today.

David and Alan farm over 2,000 acres, raising the majority of the feed for our herd of Holsteins. David’s emphasis and passion is the farming operation and working the land. Alan’s emphasis is on the cattle and the processing aspects of the operation. They both work tirelessly, throughout all aspects of the farming operation, to keep the farm up to the standards we feel make it a quality business.

David and his wife Kathy have been married since 1973. Kathy is the office and on-farm store manager. She also does all the books for the farm. They have two children. Their oldest, Julie is the accounts receivable manager and office administrative assistant. She also works in the on-farm store. Their son, Tod, manages the milk barn and serves as co-herdsman.

Alan and his wife Mary have been married since 1988. Mary is a full-time fourth grade teacher at Garfield Elementary School in Abilene, KS. She is also a certified lab technician and does all of our lab work. They have three children. Their oldest, Melissa, is the plant and marketing manager and the go-to gal for the stores. Their son, Jake, serves as the co-herdsman and feeds the cows in addition to taking care of the heifers. Adam, their youngest son, is currently studying at Hutchinson Community College.